I came to Rotterdam to continue my training in Contemporary dance. But I hope I am moving beyond the confines of that genre and becoming an all around performer.

I play the banjo, sing and write songs in the folk/blues genre. I am always influenced by new music but I find such pleasure playing folk and blues music because of its authenticity and honest roots. That is what I search for in all my performance.Miranda Ceara Rix-HayesWhether choreographing dance, performance, acting or writing songs. When the performance comes from a genuine place, I believe it should be an authentic feeling being pulled out of someone and chosen to be shown at that moment. Its not pretend, fake, or over exaggerated. The work I try to create is honest and deep. So I encourage people to look at art in a way that can connect people through genuine human feelings, not just attract people because its catchy or flashy.
Miranda Ceara Rix-Hayes