I would describe myself as a minimal dancer. I’m fascinated by the messages and power one can transmit through simple, musical gestures. I find that my ideas about how I move translate closely into a realm of theatre or pantomime, but can relate them to such styles as hip-hop, or modern dance. I love a fusion of elements.

I think my personality led me to this genre of dance, as I see myself as a fusion of elements. I was classically trained, but also experienced many other genres such as Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Tap, and even West African dance. I love to create work that enables the dancer(s) to be closest to themselves, and the personality they have developed over time and experience. Too many times was I asked to be something I wasn’t as an artist, so I’m resolute in collaborating with other like-minded personalities of fusion.

I think what makes me most special, is the path I have chosen has led me to a personal conversation regarding energy and spirit. It’s within the past two years, that I feel as though I’ve really started to infuse this inner dialogue with the work I do in the studio. I ask for detail, but I ask my students, and dancers to make choices that cannot be replicated or controlled from a “director’s” chair.

Andy Smart

There are many ways to move, and it’s important to discover all of them.